Set in the heart of the Cumberland Plateau of middle Tennessee is the ranch MID TENN CHAROLAIS.  Charolais cattle were in the minds of the owners since the 1950's.  Admiring them for their
white beauty, growth traits, and meat quality and the down to earth people that owned them was
always the
drawing card for owning them.

We are not interested in fancy homes, farms, cars or women but excellent God given Charolais cattle and the people that love the Charolais.

Our program is to raise and not just to have a large quantity thus the motto "WHERE TENN IS QUALITY AND NOT QUANTITY FOR PERFECTION."  Tenn is a pun for ten.  Ten means a perfect ten when viewing the opposite sex.  The perfect ten cow then is -- a ten in beauty and phenotype.  Likewise the unseen quality of the genetic package is extremely important. Choosing EPD's for balance, carcass, phenotype and genotype is our way for selection in this great white breed.

An ET program that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year was established to rapidly acquire and advanced quality herd.  For quality characteristic donor cows were purchased and bred to the top bulls in the industry for superior progeny plus buying choice embryos.  The results are remarkable reflecting high performance, low birth weights, high maternal traits and great carcass data and therefore achieving our goal.

Our heifer herd is tested for replacement donors by using them in production.  The most quality affordable clean up bulls are used after A.I.  While our E.T. bulls are primarily marketed in joint ventures.  The very best bulls are being placed in purebred herd for trait leader testing.  Recipients are continuously maintained for implantation of embryos.  Selection for on going recipients has to meet a strict protocol to stay in the herd.

The embryologist does the flushing, implanting and freezing of embryos while MID TENN CHAROLAIS's crew does all the grunt work.

We are delighted with this program and would like for you to join us and email your suggestions or question.  If you would like to tour MID TENN CHAROLAIS or view the cattle we would be delighted to entertain you.

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Barbara, Paul, Kim, Josh,
Amanda Sullivan, and grandchildren
123 Sullivan Drive
Manchester, Tennessee 37355

Josh's Mobile (931) 212-5480


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